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      My baby..


well i met him at school.. i was a freshmen wen i got into him.. i didn't notice him at first cuz well i have a crush on other guys ...but he is definitely cute and a lot of girls admire him so much..

it was freshmen day when somebody compelled us to join the dance troupe in my school.. at first i said no cuz it might affect my studies but then i still tried ..

so i auditioned and fortunately i passed.. days went by, i still didn't mind the presence of that guy.. one day i got all the number of my senior (members) including him.. that nyt i texted them all to inform bout my contact..

the next day.. he texted me of course i was a bit shocked and happy at the same time..

days went by,..we talked more thru texting.. i had a strange feeling.. i realized that im falling in love with him.. he is so cute and funny and he told me that he had a crush on me..

i blushed when i read that text.. one day he asked me if i could be his girl..but i didn't say yes though i love him too..

cuz we still had a problem my co=-dancer is also courting me and we don't know how to tell him that we love each other so much..

to make the story short..we had a chance to talk to the other guy who is courting me.. he was really mad at us but eventually, he set me free.. he told my guy to take good care of me..

now..we are so happy i do really love him so much .. i can't imagine my life without him ..we've been in together for 1 yr and 7 months..we encountered lots of trials but we're still together.. i smile whenever he kiss and hug me.. i never want to lose him ..i hope we could be together forever...


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