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      Keep Bleeding Love


Alright, I'm 14, yeah too young to be in love and all those false sayings. Well I'm a freshman of 2008-09 and I'm currently going out with a guy whom I really do care for. But, I'm actually here to talk about a past relationship. One that I wish would still be going on.

Before I met James, my current boyfriend, I had gone out with this one boy, Robbie. Me and him were the best of friends and he could pretty much tell me everything. He'd somehow know when I was feeling down and call to check up on me and cheer me up. I would know his scent anywhere. Well, one day I was at a friend's house in a fight with a current boyfriend at that time and we suddenly broke up over instant messaging.

I was pretty upset and mad but then Robbie had IM'ed me just seconds after, telling me he heard what happened. Long story short, he asked me out telling me he was happy I was finally done with that relationship because he really liked me.

We didn't even last two weeks until we broke up, I wouldn't have been so angry and just so upset if our friendship had stayed intact. He moved on along with me to other people, includig my two very best friends, that I gave permission to. Now we're ok and we act civil towards each other. No one knows that I still have feelings for him and I can remember every single detail of every date we had.

I know people think that kids are too young to fall in love or to really experience it. But I have and I am again.

Everytime Robbie talks to me or just looks at me, I get that feeling in my stomach that makes me feel all light fluttery. He makes me stutter and just stop in the middle of a sentence because I have no idea what I'm blubbering about.

I don't think I'll ever have another chance to be with him again, because drugs have taken over his life and he's stopped doing the things he's most passionate about. I worry about him everyday and have even tried to make him stop bu I know he's slipping farther and farther away. I now think I have to stop dreaming and start waking up and help him try and get his life together. I have to stop loving him and start forgetting.

But I can't and never will.


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