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      My Lost Love


I met HIM senior year. In my eyes he was the best guy ever. We were very good friends but I really loved him. He didnt know about it because i never got the courage to tell him. When he told me he was going to the same university as me I was very happy. This was not only a crush anymore it was love. I missed when he wouldnt come to school. And in class we would always talk. I would always try to talk to him with any lame excuse. Alot of people thought i liked him but i always denied it because i was to shy to accept it. After we graduated we lost contact because he didnt come to the university im going to. But i still love him. I always think about him. I always ask our mutual friends about him. So i know hes ok. He never knew how much he meant to me. I tried calling him recently since he still has the same number but as soon as i heard his voice i got scared and hung up. I always think about him and sometimes even dream with him. A year has past and my feelings havent changed. I think they never will change.


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