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      Childhood Love


There once was a little girl, her name was Tania, after her birth her mummy took her to her new home in Thomastown.

Down the street there was a baby boy named Adam. He had brown hair and gorgeous dark brown eyes and he was only 1 year and 4 months older than her.

As they grew they developed a strong friendship and played lots of games.The little boy would read books to the little girl and teach her how to climb his fence.The little girl played house with the little boy and loved him very very much, they were wonderful friends.

One day something terrible happened… the little girls parents told her they were moving away.Her world was shattered, leaving behind the beloved treasured memories of her little house in Thomastown, she was moved to an outer suburbs town called Research.She was picked on fiercely and felt that she only had one friend in the world, and that friend was Sigride.

Sigride stuck by Tania through thick and thin, and though she knew she had a wonderful friend, there was a hole in her life….

Moving on to high school she attended Templestowe college, she never handled situations well there at all and at age 14 a revelation occurred, she could remember 10 years ago and all her thoughts went to that little boy and all the fun they had together.

Her mum pulled up photos of them together as little kids and she stared in awe and wonder, where was he now? Was he still the same? Was he still sweet and affectionate and caring?... She searched for many years and one day gave up.

Then at 20 she met Luke who she was with for almost 2 years.

Luke came across as a lovely man, and he was for the most part, but there were terrible things that happened behind closed doors that nobody else knew about, she believed she could do no better and everyone told her she wouldn’t

Fed up with life and the path she was on she sought help from her psychic Aunty,

“Aunty Wendy, when will I be happy”

“the spirits say you will be happy when you stop seeking whatever it is you are looking for”

“what am I looking for?”

“the signs will show”

That night and for weeks after she dreamt of the little boy she never saw again, in her dream she was on a wharf and she tripped and fell and the ocean tried to drag her away but the little boy from so long ago saved her.She awoke curious as to the meaning of the dream but never followed through looking it up.

She pushed it aside and went about her daily life, then when more events unfolded causing her to be sad again, she went back to her aunty

“Aunty, when will I be happy?”

“he’ll be there.. A knight in shining armor who is everything you want will sweep you off your feet and you’ll no longer be searching”

“oh… what does he look like”

“dark hair and eyes are all I can make out”

“impossible… I like fair guys and I’m probably going to marry Luke”

“you can try and change the future, that’s why it is predicted… but you won’t”

Weeks later she kept dreaming about the little boy, one night on the 16th of April 2008 she’d had enough of wondering and put his name into face book.There he was.

She sent him a message asking him if he lived in Thomastown.

the next day she was really busy and had appointments all over the place so she asked her Dad to sign on and check the messages in her in-box.

Her father saw the photos and said

"Tania... that is definitely him, he wrote that yes he is from Thomastown" she asked her dad to ask him if he lived in the same street she used to live in and once again he said yes..

she got so excited about this and kept chatting to him all night then when he asked for her number they spoke til 5 in the morning. she searched for hours with her sister to find the pictures of when they were little and she scanned them and sent them to him, he laughed very hard and said

"hey cool... i miss my scooby doo pencil case"

within two days they decided to meet up

driving back to Thomastown and pulling into her old street a wide smile spread across her face.

When she knocked on the door her stomach was in knots and when he opened the door and embraced her she fell for him.

peering inside his house.. not much had changed and she remembered so much.

they continued to talk frequently all night, while Tania's relationship with Luke was heading to the end, they were fighting all the time and screaming at each other.

on the Sunday night she suggested they go on a break, on the Monday Tania went over to Adam's to go through the photos and see if there were any of her, and just like on the Monday they had a very long hug... but one thing ended up leading to another and they kissed.

Tania thought to herself

"no.. i can't be with Luke if i can feel this deeply about someone else"

and she had never felt this way about Luke

that night she was speaking to him and he said he wanted to pick up his stuff and that the relationship was pretty much over even though that's not what he wanted..

Tania really cared for Luke but felt it was the right choice to end their relationship and be with the only man she could ever love.

and they're still together hehehehe

i swear to god.. every single detail of this story is 100% accurate


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