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      In and Out of Love.


I'm only 13. Many say that I'm too young to be in love.


He was my best friend. He made me laugh and smile all the time.

I'd always had a thing for him and my friends told me that it was so obvious that he liked me back.


I wanted to tell him how I felt, but I was too scared.

I didn't want to risk our amazing friendship.


However, one night at the movies he asked me out.

We lasted less than a day. He didn't even give it a chance to bloom into something.


He said that we were just too good of friends, but It ruined our friendship.

Why break up for being great friends, and then never talk to me?


Anyways, time went on and he found other friends. We slowly started talking and I still liked him. Finally, we were back on track and talking, though it still just wasn't the same. He always made me cry whenever we talked. He didn't say anything rude or mean, he just would make me cry.


I realized that I was in love with him. I loved him for his imperfections. He was always on my mind... I mean, always.


He finally told me that he'd always liked me too and that he would never forget me.


I still see him, but we barely talk anymore. He always ditches me for his other friends who don't even like him. I used to love him and I know that it was love. I'm not just foolishly speaking. He's changed so much, I'm scared to say that I've fallen out of love.


I dislike him now. He's mean and he ignores me. However, I'll never forget him as my first love.


He'll never know how much he meant to me.


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