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      My Love Story


So i met this girl in school................i kinda like her so we started chattting and learned that we have quite alot in common. So one day she was really really i went over to her house and gave her flowers along with a I love you note and kinda just looked after her. So i told her i left something on the table for her. Before i went out the door, i heard her crying, i ran inside immediately and asked her what was wrong she said......."I'm sorry, I'm already in a relationship". and i'm like oh my bad. she said "but he doesn't even care about me" and i said "well chose who you want to be with" and she told me how he kinda bosses her around and acting tough around her (she doesn't like that) and i plainly stated. "look i love you and i know you feel the same about me, but its your own choice who would you rather be with someone who doesn't care about you or someone who really loves you and whom you love back?" then i left. I just went home and i got a was her current boyfriend and it said something like "leave her alone man i will seriously beat the *something* of out me" then i'm like " you leave her alone! you do not deserve her, I do, not like she likes you as much........." So the next day at school he went up to me and kinda hit me then i'm like " try that again and you'll regret it"

so he hit me again. i just hurted him thats all. so she came up to me and said "well, i have thought about it, i know you care about me and i feel the same about you, i think you deserve me" *blah blah blah* then she hugged me and said, "i'm sorry i turned you down earlier" then i'm not "not a problem, as long as we have each other now.


many thankss



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