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      My one true love...I wish he knew


It all started about six months ago. I met him through a friend on bebo, and we got chatting. He lives in Holland, and I live here in England. To begin with, his English wasn't all that good, so I helped him learn the language. Over time we chatted about relationships we'd been in, and I told him about the one I was in at the time. He seemed pleased for me, but there was something about what he said, that made me think that he wasn't as happy for me as he made out.

After just a few weeks we became great friends, although I couldn't help wishing that it could be more than that, despite the fact that I was already in a relationship.

About three weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend. Our relationship had become boring, we were just going over the same things every day, it was almost as if the conversations we had were on repeat. When I broke up with him, my crush thought that I had dumped my ex because of him. I assured him it wasn't, and was then very shocked as I began to receive threatening texts. I told my crush and he got very mad and swore to protect me.

Since then our conversations have become very flirtatious, and our roleplay characters are engaged and have a very passionate and loving relationship. I can only hope that if we do ever become an item, we have the same relationship that our characters do.

I fell in love with him almost straight away, and miss him more each second I think about him. I hope to God he feels the same way, and sort of hope that he reads this...

I love you D.B <3




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