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      I Lost My Love


i lost my love but i am in the need of him


Before 3 month to the end of year 6. Their he enrolled coming from oversees after leaving Australia for 1 year. I was in the front office when i first saw his shinning face. It was the first time i fell in love. He saw me too, i was so embarrassed, my face turned red like tomatoes. I quickly picked the roll and ran to class hopping to see him in my class.


My big smile was on my face when i saw him walking toward my class. When he first opened the class door. I saw the teacher's impression when she saw him. She created him so happily and started asking him about his trip.


then i understood when the teacher said sorry class for the new students who arrived new that was me included this boy ...... is the school captain and the most hardworking boy in the whole school i was so happy. And i loved him more. i saw him prepared to come back to school and bought some work back with him that he done during his trip.


i was so shy i wanted to speak to him in any way but i did not know what to say or ask. i raise my hand up to ask the teacher a question when the teacher said yes ..... can i help you i looked at his face saw a smile at me. i turned red i forgot the question sorry ms i said quickly and sat down looking at my work


2 month went by and we never spoke a word. Everyday we use to be the first 2 waiting for the teacher and the rest of the class. Staring at each other but finding nothing to say.


their was only 1 month to graduate to high school i new it will be the end of my journey  which was no more love. the day arrived when the teacher said i want every one to sit in a group of 4. Everyone wanted to sit with him and me because we were the smartest in the class they use to call us the nerds. But than the teacher said no i want them to sitting with each other with another boy and a girl from the class i was so happy.


i set down waiting for the rest of the team to come he came and sat next to me i felt great. the teacher done a competition we won. yeah.


the day came to graduate i did not want to go to school to see the heartbreaking moment of my life. No one new i loved him and no one new he loved me.


i saw him sitting at the front sit of the hole waiting for me because we were the speakers of the day however i was the vise captain i came and sat on the chair next to him sadly he recognised that he wanted to speak to me but he did not know how


the graduation ceremony started when i heard his name than my name i new it was the end


my parents came happily hugging and kissing me so as his parents but we were both looking at each other as is we are saying i is the end


i went home that night cant forget him after 4 years of not seeing each other i saw him at the shopping centre he looked more handsome he recognised me straight away sat their staring and smiling at my for 1 hour i arrived home late that day when my mum shouted at me and asked me why i was late i made up a story to get away and i did


until now i still dream of him


i love u ....







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