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What was it? Why did you run from me? I'm not telling you how to love. That's a natural process. It's not as if though, I'm controlling over you. You know I love you. Don't you?


I saw you the other day, with your new girlfriend, in your arms. I didn't say anything, because I was pretending not to know you. Isn't that how the game goes? I can't imagine being in an awkward situation like that. Your new lover is beautiful, and here I am, too simple for you. I don't like complications. I've never fought with you and maybe that was the problem? I didn't stand up for myself. You told me you loved me and I was the only one for you. Well, now that I am not with you, my beliefs are shattered, I just don't believe you. My heart aches, but longs for you,at the same time. But I know, deep inside, your just another "one" that got away. I didn't cause this pain for myself . I'm not into self inflections, but I said what I said to you, because I meant it all. Not like you, I think you were feeding me lies. Well, my appetite for you, no longer exists. You were fun. You were great in bed. You were what I thought I needed .But now, you're no longer a part of my life. But I'll always remember you. I've learned from you. I don't think I'll even tell you, but you taught me about relationships. If I do run into you, again, I will smile a suspicious smile, because the meaning behind it, is not something you can fathom. So, go on. Move on. Your life is with someone new. And I'm okay with that. Even though, I did have lonely nights, where you occupied my mind. And I cried so hard, I flooded all rivers. I missed you everyday. I wanted to talk to you, but not to the extreme, where I became a stalker. All I wanted were answers. But your only signs of compassion, was to ignore me. But that's okay, because I've learned my lesson. I'm no longer naive. I'm stronger now, more than ever .Especially, after you broke my heart. I don't hate you. I do still love you. I could never bring harm upon you. Even to this day, I do think of you, but only some times, not like before. You would have been the one, so I thought. But now, you're just another ex that I'm letting go...


I wish you well in life. I hope you become a better person; I know I have, all because of YOU.


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