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      Im confused best friend or lover?


Right where do I start?

I've read through a lot of these storys and i know mine doesn't compare to them but I'm just really confused at the minute


well a while back i was with some lad called ad and things didn't really work out with me and him it was just a bit of fun and we both knew it and didn't plan to get attached, one night we were at his grandads and his friend come around. one of them bad boy type of lads that your parents would approve of, i didn't really pay much attention to him at first,

we became really close, until i stared to get feelings for him i didn't tell him at first i did later on tho he didn't say anything back so i got the hint, we didn't speak for a few weeks until one night really drunk i rang him and asked him to come out. me my friend his friend and him went back to him house and had a drink. his friend told me that Si loved me but i didn't believe him .


si took me into another room and told me himself i was so happy, a few days later on he asked me out, we got together and things were fine until we started arguing about me going out all the time. and then we broke up he rang me and said it was over and me being drunk just said OK and put the phone down, i moved on and went on the rebound and made the mistake of bringing my current boyfriend to meet him. he then started to hate me, sending me horrible texts and being really horrible to me, he wanted nothing to do with me. not that i could blame him he said i changed him and made him soft. he was so lovely around me not a bad boy at all


i finished with the lad i was with it wasn't fair on him being my rebound a few weeks went past and i couldn't stop thinking about si . i never loved anyone as much as i loved him but i was to blind to realise. couldn't stop crying couldn't leave my house i was devastated. 10 months went by still not talking i hadn't just lost the love of my life but i lost my best friend


i started going out with some other person and i felt allot for him but nothing compared to the way Si made me feel it was like nothing he could do was good enough. we broke up.


A few weeks later on the Internet he added me we became good friends again and decided to meet up. all my feelings came back for him and it hurt me real bad.


he asked me back out and i didn't know what to say so i said no. it was weird because i knew i could have him back in a heart beat. he started meeting other girls and i got jealous and started crying myself to sleep. i just don't know what to do do i leave him alone completely, just be friends, or risk everything and get back with him,


please help me i love this lad more than anything but i cant loose him out of my life again. but i know he wont wait forever


Confused XoX



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