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      What Is Love?


My story is that i keep falling in love with men ,but

sadly these men never responded to my feeling .

The first time i feel in love was when i was sixteen , the guy name was Sam an hotel management student ,he was the first guy that i thought was handsome ,he used to come to our restaurant to have his meals that's when i saw him it took me six months to muster enough courage to express my feeling to him ,so i pend down my feeling in a letter ,unfortunately by then he was already committed as he had a girl friend so he turned me down.i took it badly and did go into a mild depression and like a full i waited eleven years for him ,he never came .

The second man i fell in love was Joe he was tall black kind of a guy i meet him when i was working for a friend i fell in love with him he was the first guy i kissed i was 27 years old and in my own way did tell him that i love him ,six month down the line he got married ,not to me but another girl, i was heart broken depressed .

the third man was Max when i was 30 years he was five years younger then me and a Casanova we worked in the same company ,we also join the company on the same day, i fell in love

with him when we where in training ,i used to sms him on his mobile ,i could never speak to him since he had a snobbish

attitude and i use to get lots of butterfly in my tum tum we had two serious dates to me it was giving my self to him it was having a good time one year down the line he got married to some one else .that got me into depression and it took my 5 12 years to come out of my depression,

To day i am 36 years and alone and truly wounder what is Love .



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