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      Too good to be true


I am 14 years old. And, I am in love. I never thought it would happen, but it did. He use to tell me he loves me and that I meant the world to him. I meet him on a chat room, I thought he was too good to be true.

We had decided to start dating after we talked for about a week. When we satrted to date all he talked about was baby, I love you. I thought hwe meant every word that he said, but I guess it was not true. He said he would want to be with me forever and I believed him.

When I told my mother I was in love she asked the questions every mom asks. I told her that he was 18 and his name is Josh. She said you know their is a big age diffrence and most guys who date younger people just are unable to get girls around their age or wanted sex only. I did not think that was true in fact I thought she was just mad because we were four years apart.

After about 2 months of dating he had moved and actually started to go to my school. I was happy untill all the girls were always talking to him. I told him how I felt and all he said is I would never hurt you. I believe him. He meant everything to me I would do anything for him.

That was until I had him and my best friend come over. They talked alot and seemed to be really good friends I did not think much about it. I went to go with my mother to the store to pick up food and they decided to stay and finish watching the movie. I told them me and my mother would be home in a hour or two. They said okay. When I walked into my house their was a note saying Maci needed a ride home because her mom is in the hospital. When I called Maci's house later that night to find out if her mother was okay, Maci's mother had said I never went to the hospital.

So, I went over to Josh house he had given me a key so I walked right in. When, I walked in they were both on the couch cuddleing under the covers. When I asked what was going on Josh had said, "Sorry, babe but I did not want to hurt you, but me and Maci have been dating for 2 weeks now."I was heart broken.

A few days later he came ovetr and was apoligizing and telling me he loves me. He also said he was sorry he hurt me. He wants to get back together with me, but I don't know if I should because he cheated on me with my BEST FRIEND! I know that I love him still, but I still think about him and I long to be with him.


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