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      True love found possible


Talk about fate. Who knew, this man I met off of the Internet was my soul mate. My one true love meant for me in this crazy world of billions of people. How on earth were we able to find each other? It had to be fate.

  It all started after I got out of a really bad abusive relationship. After 4 years of being trapped in a loveless hate-filled depressing relationship, I was almost desperate to find true love. So I started looking at personals ads on Craig's list. I didn't expect anything great, maybe just a rebound fling, or anything to help begin the healing process for all the damage my previous relationship had done. After coming across a couple duds, I came across an ad for a guy who talked about his interests and what he was looking for and I thought we had a lot in common and he seemed really sweet and genuine. Not to mention he was one of the few who actually had pictures up of himself and he was HOT!!! My first thought was, what is this fine-ass guy doing on here?! Well I contacted him via e-mail, we chatted back and forth a little bit, but for some reason he didn't seem all that interested at first. We added each other on our Myspace accounts and didn't really talk for a week or so. In my mind I had kinda given up on a chance with him. I thought he was too good for me and he wouldn't ever want to be with a chick with two little kids. Then one day he sent me a comment that simply said, "hey beautiful, how's your week going?"  When he called me beautiful, plainly stated in that little comment, I was pretty much hooked right then. Something about it felt so genuine, even though I didn't even know him. It meant so much that he hadn't forgotten about me when I thought he had and that pretty much pulled me right into him. I asked for his number and after working up the nerve to call him, finally made plans to meet. We both shared in common our love to smoke the maryjane, so I used that as a simple ice breaker, hey come on over and lets smoke a bowl... So he did. When I first saw him I was impressed right away. From the clothes he was wearing, to how he carried himself to that adorable smile he flashed me when I first laid eyes on him. We didn't get too far on the first date, we just got really baked and didn't have all that much to say. We were both pretty shy and being stoned out of our minds just made it even harder to  really talk and get to know each other. Then, on the second date is when we hit a milestone and I realized then, he was someone very special. I will never forget sitting on his couch feeling like a little high school girl, all shy and giddy when he made the first move and put his arm around me. Then oh my God, when he kissed me, literally my breath was taken away. I felt at that moment, the universe was revolving around just us. Like us coming together for the first time, was like, man landing on the moon for the first time. Or like, the joy of seeing your new born baby for the first time. There were just fireworks and explosions everywhere. From that day on, we have been inseparable and every day just gets better and better. I thought I was in love once, until I met him, I then met true love for the first time. Never in my life have I ever felt such pure bliss and deep love for a person. I am feeling so many new feelings I have never felt before for anyone. We have everything in common and we like all the same things. We even drink the same exact coffee. A white chocolate caramel mocha. How coincidental is that?! We like the same tv shows, we like the same recreational activities and the best part of all, he loves my kids like they were his own. Everything I seem to be insecure about, or self conscious of, he loves about me even more. No one has ever made me feel so loved, so worthy, so cared about in all my life. I have never been so confident in my relationship, or so sure of some one's love for me. It's been 9 months and I'm still in a daze and feeling like I am living the most wonderful impossible dream ever not dreamt. And I say NOT dreamt, because I have never had a dream that can come even close in comparison to how amazing my life is now that he is in it. Being with him is like being in heaven. I have found heaven on earth with him. All this time being spent with him, I find my self thinking, it just can't get better than this. But then he goes and does or says something to prove me wrong. Since I've met him, I haven't been able to stop feeling like I am just the luckiest girl in the world. I feel like God has sent me an angel and all the heart ache I have been through, all makes sense now and was all worth it. I now know why, when I was at my lowest darkest moment and wanted nothing more than it to all end, there was always this strong sense of 'knowing' that one day, things would all be better, things would be great. And now I know what that feeling was all along. It was him all along. God was telling me to hang on, that it will all be worth it and there was someone or something  great waiting beyond this world of pain I was stuck in. And God couldn't have been more right. I would put myself through it all again if I knew the reward he had waiting for me on the other side. I went through hell to get to heaven and it was well worth it. Once I could have never been sadder, but now, I could not be happier.


  Baby, you mean the world to me. You have done more for me then you could ever know. I love you with all my heart and I promise that I will always love you and do everything I can just to make you happy, now and forever. You are my one true love, I want to be with you till the end.

I love you Chuck Shumway






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