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      Thats not beeing a frind


i had been dating a guy that i thought was amazing and that i would spent my life with. i try-ed my hardest not to trip over again and i did. before this recent relationship I've had my heart broke and i was rejected by some one that i deeply loved. and i was ready to forget that person, so this kid came into my life and it was hard in the beginning  we had a bad start. people would get us against each other and rumor began to fly through people's mouths. i let it go! and i gave him a chance. that chance that i regret giving. I'm just a 13 year old girl but i don't get fooled that easy. so we had been dating for 3 weeks and he was talking stuff way to fast. so i spoke to him. my supposed friend made those 3 weeks miserable for me. she obviously  didn't care about me. she had such a bad reputation and nobody even liked her. i stood there and stood up for her and always had her back. every time she try-ed to separate  me and this guy i always forgave her. she took advantage of my trust and made it difficult for me to trust her after that. I'm not a jealous person, but she was just too much of a flirt. i saw her text him and call him and it bothered me for days. it killed me and it stared eating me form inside. so i spoke to him about it and i spoke to her too. he listened and he also understood, but she insisted. from that point on i realized i was giving so much and getting nothing back. so many rumors entered my ears and my brain had no speed to think anymore about anything but them 2. i personally had lots of stuff to think of. i was moving and my school work wasn't  good. i got very stressed out. he told me how much he loved me and he didn't want to loose me, but i was going to loose my mind. I BROKE UP WITH HIM A WEEK AGO IT KILLED ME. BUT I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I'VE HAD BE BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH WITH MY PARENTS AND IT WASN'T WORTH IT. I'M ALONE NOW AND VERY HAPPY AND WAITING FOR THE PIECES TO GET BACK TOGETHER AND HEAL.



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