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      You mean everything to me babe


OK so at the time i was 16 I met him January 07 at a mates 18th, thought he was really hot I knew their was something then and i don't know how i just had this vibe that he was perfect for me. We danced and had heaps of fun, drinking just messing around with all our mates. I left the party about 12 i couldn't forget that night even if i wanted to.

So time passed, it would have been a few months later around August 07, well I had added him about march on my-space and got talking a Lil bit, added him on msn talked some more. So anyway August we caught up with a few mates and went down to a yacht to have drinks and just have fun (it was awesome). We both wanted to hook up but didn't because of a mate telling us not to separately (we were both annoyed when we found out)lol.

So anyway after that night we got each others numbers and started txting, I was still at school at this time in year 12. He had to go-to port headland after catching up for 5 weeks which sucked big time.

Anyway so he came back after this time and i caught up with him the exact day he got back just chilled out both wanting a kiss really bad lol nxt minute he turns around ands asks for a kiss... i was shocked but of course i wanted one so we hooked up twice lol. It was 5 days later we caught up again to talk and sort everything out to see what was happening between us.. thats when i say well what do you want? he says a relationship? i said same here lol so we walked back to mates (THIS was at hillaries jetty) and walking along the jetty he says " so can i call you my miss's now?" i said sure can =)

Weve now been together for 9 months on the 10th june 08 and very much in love. I was right it did feel so right and you know why? because it is right. We're going on our first holiday to Phuket on Saturday the 7th and cant wait. I see him pretty much everyday and never once got sick of him lol Mums a clairvoyant known all around the world and says she sees a ring on my finger when im 19... scarey and hard to believe but i hope it's true because he's so special to me, life changed for the best when i met him i dont wanna see life without him. we make a awsome couple, i love him with all my heart but am affraid to talk about the future to him, i just never wanna part he's my guardian angel... I LOVE YOU TOMMY WITH EVERYTHING XOXOXOXOXOX


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