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      We remember Friendship


When we were 16 we met on a camping trip in a town named Friendship. The first day we met he said he loved me as he spun me on the merry go round in the playground. The moon was full and we had our first kiss. I was in love. We kept in touch randomly for 3 months until we met again in Friendship. The anticipation was thrilling and strange. When I arrived he was not there and I worried that the wait was not going to be rewarded by a reunion. In the middle of the night a mutual friend woke me and told me he had arrived. I couldn't sleep and counted the hours till daybreak. Seeing each other felt like a dream and it kept me hooked for another 7 months when we met again. This time he stayed with me and my family for the weekend on a camping trip. Our only focus was to be alone. So we hiked and talked for hours on end about life and the future. The long distant, random phone calls lasted for another 6 months. Sometime in between he drove to meet me and only stayed for a couple of hours. When he left I felt that the feelings I had for him must not be mutual. Then I met a boy and got a call from him and told him we had to stop talking because of my new boyfriend. I never forgot about him and wondered often what he was doing with his life. I had moved across the country with the boyfriend that ended our contact and was with him for 7 years. The moment I ended my relationship with him I thought about looking up my Friendship love but didn't know where to start. So another long term relationship started and for 5 more years I was in that and had a baby. I moved home with her and left her father. Got online one night and found my friendship guy. He was amazed to hear from me and we talked about what we remembered and our life experience over the years. The connection was still there and the memories came rushing back like lightning. We had to meet.. He is a father of 3 and married. So it wasn't gonna happen. We have been in contact randomly again and I think of it as a present that is unexpected. Got a call last week and he wanted to meet. We did and it was wonderful. I told him that I have and always will love him and that something deep inside tells me we will be together even if it's not till we're 50. Kissed him goodbye and said see you again in 12 years. My heart aches but if it's meant someday he will come to me. Until then at least I know that my true love exist. And the memory will last a lifetime. We will always remember Friendship...


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