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      How I said I love you


me and my boyfriend had been together for 6 months and i knew i love him. i have been through alot in my life and it was a big deal for me to say i loved someone and Zack knew this. i decided i would wait to tell him until i thought he felt the same way. a few weeks later we were at a party and i decided i would tell him how i felt but i didn't want to do it there, i wanted to come up with a cute way to tell him. so after i thought about i came up with the perfect way to tell him.


well here's something you have to know. Zack is the starting pitcher for our schools baseball team. the team was really good that year and were expecting to go to state. on the inside of Zack's hat he had written

"this pitch" to help him concentrate when the game got hard. i decided that i would write i love you-Megan". i thought it would be the perfect way to tell him.


so the next game came and it was against our biggest rivals. me and zack were hanging out at his house before he had to leave for the game and while he was busy i wrote i love you in his hat and hoped he wouldn't see it before the game. so me and my friends got to the game and i got really nervous. what if he didn't love me, or if he got mad that i had written in his hat, or it distracted him and he messed up during the game. i knew this was a big game for him and there were probably 50 people in the student section and he hated big crowds. my friends finally calmed me down and i realized there was nothing i could do now it was there and i couldn't erase it. so the first two innings passed and Zack was doing a really good job pitching but he still hadn't looked at his hat. then a guy came up that we all knew could really hit the ball. Zack turned around and started walking around getting ready to pitch all of a sudden he slipped his hat off, wiped the sweat of his forehead and looked at his hat. he just froze there after a second he looked in the stands right at me with the biggest smile and mouthed "i love you too". i was so excited. he didn't strike the guy out but we did win the game in extra innings. after the game zack came up to me and gave me the greatest kiss. he told me that he really didn't expect that and that he was suprised because he knew what a big deal it was to me. im happy to say we are still together and hope to get married soon.


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