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      Calgary bound


So where do i begin, I'm a 36 year old man who has been through the dating game.My girlfriend who I love more than life itself is considering moving to Calgary from Ottawa because her best friend is moving there in September 08. She has told me that there is issues in her mind that need to be dealt with and that those issues get in the way of her fully being able to be my girl. I'm so confused, the love is there and I believe she is fantastic for me. I believe there are other routes to dealing with her problems instead of leaving me! God everything reminds me of her, makes me think of her and her beauty, her touch her smell, like an angel. I've only ever let in one woman before her into my heart. I have no power to sway her decision to stay or go which kills me and puts me in limbo! The pain of tightness around my heart and overall sickness hopefully will be heard by the skies and made better. She is so perfect for me, hopefully she comes to understand this, for until she sees it I have pain and uncertainty.


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