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      Love hurts


i was just a 17 year old girl at the time 1st time allowed out to a over 18's club at home all day getting ready couldn't wait to go all dressed up looking great finally got to the door of the club wen i noticed a fella looking at me so i went on in to the disco had a great night with my friends wen the disco was over we were walking up the street wen i noticed the same fella so he came over and we chatted the next week we met in town and it became a regular thing got to no each other better then started going out i was so happy he was perfect for me but my friends kept telling me stay away from him but me telling them it was none of there business!!! so i we started going out with each other i thought it was the best thing that could ever happen to me we we wer going out over a year wen i found out he was a drug user my whole world fell apart i was so up set i couldn't believe it so i stopped seeing him after a fue weeks he ended up in jail and ever since then he has being in and out of jail i could never imagine my life if i was still with him wen i look back and think of it I'm so glad i made the right decision but wen i think of him i no i still love him:(:(:(:(


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