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      Lost in Translation


In my senior year of high school I did an exchange to Japan. I entered high school there in a small size town and never in my life though to find someone I could like or even remotely love.

Now for me I have never been in a deep love before and am not the type to fall in love easy. So the feeling of love was a shocker for me.

So the school I attended of course put me into a class, and since I was very different in the school I stood out to most of the people there. I did get a lot of attention from many guys, but there was one boy that stood out from the rest.

He was not the popular boy or anything nor came up to me himself. I ended up talking to him and he was amazing to me.

Now after a month of knowing him I fell hard for him, but I didn't want to admit it right away. But he was perfect for me, we liked the same things, he was in a local band, he was funny etc... he was seriously all that I dreamed of.

But we talked as much as we could in both our broken Japanese and English. But the one thing that really held me back from telling him was the language barrier. Even though we could some what understand each other well it wasn't perfect understanding in either the languages. But don't get me wrong, I could have told him I liked him if I had the guts, but for some reason I didn't, I was scared too.

(I was only there in Japan for 7 months) So up till my last month there we got pretty close, we talked everyday and hung out a lot together and I was really falling head over heals for him in love, but in my last month we just didn't talk as much. That really got me down, and I didn't understand why we all of a sudden drifted apart and didn't talk. Then before I knew it I had to leave to go back to America. We never had a proper goodbye. And leaving like that, not telling him how I felt, really really killed me inside.

BUT a year later I came back to Japan to go to college for the language, and I remembered he was in a band and traveled to the nearest city (The one that I am currently in) once in awhile to play there and plus he had family there.

To my surprise and luck (to this day I still find this amazing) I was on the train one day coming home from classes, and this guy came up to me and said my name. I looked up and it was him! I nearly cried with joy I was so Happy! Turns out he moved there after high school for college too. After that we have been with each other since!

This time I was able to tell him how I feel!


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