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      One night Stand


St.Patricks day...i went out with my frends that night for dinner and drink. We went to this club in LONDON and were having fun dancing.


I was the only one who didnthave a dance partner. Someonespoke on my right saying somthing i cant understand....I said,'sorry i dont understand u'.And he spoke again..he said' "I said ur  very pretty in spanish..


On my first sight of him...i find him so cute and sexy..His Great smile captured me... My name is Henry he said....that nyt we had fun,we dance and i can feel the chemistry between us..And i spent the nyt with him..


After that i never expect to see him again....BUt i was wrong! IM PREGNANT!!..I cant believe it.My world seems like it fell apart!..I dont know wat to do...Shall i let him know or shall i keep it from him??..


3 months past...i emailed him at last to let him know that im pregnant..he replied but he said he will write back after he cn think straight.but months had gone by,i never heard from him...


December 8,2007...i gave birth to a gorgeous healthy baby boy...and for the last time i tried to contact him and let him know that i have given birth.

unexpectedly he txt back and called me even.we talked and he went over to see me and the baby..


Now,im so happy b/c he loves our child so much...


My only wish is for him to LOVE me...because i am already falling for him..



Henry....If u only knew how much i love u....but i guess ur heart belongs to sm1 else...she is lucky to have u....


wat i will do is to love our baby instead....Take care and see u soon


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