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      Lost and Found...


I was pregnant at that time. i kept it a secret for 2 months as i do not want to alarm my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years so i guess i can say we are seriously committed in our relationship but before i could break the news, he called me up and said he want out from the relationship. i asked him why and he said it was just not working since we're on a long distance relationship. i wanted to stop him from going away but my pride ruled and i let him go. i thought that maybe it was a sign from God and that he was not really the man i though he were.


I continued my pregnancy  without his knowledge. I never contacted him again. I was so glad that my family were very supportive of me. i worked in another place and brought my baby with me. after 2 years of working there, i decided to go home and find a new job. it was so hard juggling time for work and for my baby so I've figured it would be best to live with my family.


one day as we were strolling at the mall, i bumped into one of my boyfriend's friend, or, i mean, ex-boyfriend. i though he didn't notice my then 2 years old cute daughter but he did. i didn't know that he told my boyfriend about it and how the child resembles him. i was surprised 2 days after that he called and asked if he could meet me. i was hesitant at first but decided to meet him. i felt that it was the right time to tell him the truth whether or not he accepts the child.


i told him the whole truth and then just out of nowhere he hugged me and that was the first time i cried since our break up. i know in my heart that i still love him but was too proud to admit it because i avoid getting hurt. he was so happy about our daughter. he told me that he tried to call me before but could not reach me and my friends won't tell where i was. i told him i changed my number right after our last conversation. he apologized and it may seem too shallow but i forgave him.


right now we've been together and married for 5 years.



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