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      The girl I wish I never met


I met a girl on a mmorpg game. We grew close together. She told me she hated her husband and tried to devorse him in the past but came back to him because she had no where to go.


Well one thing led to another, she left her husband, I left my girlfriend.

We eventually moved in together. My ex girlfriend phoned me and I had feelings for her still. I cried. My current girlfriend saw this and just walked into the bedroom. After the call I said i'm sorry I just have to sort out some stuff in my mind it's nothing bad. Inside she probley thought I was going to break up with her.


That night I wanted to leave her, I knew I loved my old girlfriend. I had a new job to go to the next day so I had to sleep. The next day she did not get up, she looked tense like pretending to be asleep, I found it strange. I left and went to work.


All day at work I was thinking about how I could leave her, but then I thought... I have to give this a chance. I felt bad for wanting to break up with her and wanted to go home, hug her, tell her I love her and take her out to dinner.


I came home, the door was half open, I thought someone broke in? I was in a panic, I saw all the stuff gone, then I realized it was only stuff from my girlfriend. She only gave me one item and it was a stuffed toy, that was gone... she took it. The love notes she left me were ripped up and threw in the garbage, it hurt so bad, I was shaking and crying. I saw a note on the floor saying look at the computer. In a nut shell it said thanks for everything BYE!


Well I tried to contact her, she answered and said UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH, and then said I will never see you again i'm gone back to my husband, I am changing my number. I just sat in the dark for hours crying. I phoned her for the second time later that night, no one picked up and a recording came on of her and her husband having moaning doing stuff.


I hurt even more, I don't know why? After all I wanted to break up with her at one point.


I talked to her friend, she said, don't tell her i'm telling you this, but the night she left you slept with her husband and got pregnant and she does not know who owns it.


Well she never told me that ever, she hid everything like her myspace, her phone number, she deleted her mmorpg character she worked 2 years on that was valued at 600 bucks. She was desperate to hide me.....


She told everyone that she left me cause she loved her husband more.


The real reason was...... She thought I was going to break up with her that night........... She had no money, she did not want to be stranded in a different country homeless.


She could not afford to go to her parents and they had no money for the expensive trip. She had no friends to stay with. So her solution was to walk out on me, go back to a man she did not love, and be with her kid and live off his money.


If her husband knew the truth, he would never take her back.


I hope one day she knows how much she hurt me. But I don't think she will, she has no remorse or caring in her. I'm glad I found out early how nasty she was.


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