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      The one who dreams


I am a dreamer, I dream of having a boyfriend, what it would be like if a boy passing by me would be my boyfriend, how my life would be if i changed spots with someone with a boyfriend either in my books or in real life. See I have had many crushes, none of them very dramatic, but still, they were crushes. I have had one guy officially ask me out and another who told his friend he would but didn't have the guts to ask me out. And so far no luck with any of them because the first guy was a total jerk and it lasted a day. Anyway I have one crush that i would like to talk about specifically.

He is a year older than me and is going to a different high school than i will be going to (I am in 8th grade and he is in 9th.) I rarely see him but when i do it is like magic. Now you have to know that we live on the same street. Ok now for the story...Me and my friend were walking home from a soccer game that was at my school and he went, we were all walking home and i know this next part sounds gross, I i didn't expect it but he rubbed a condom on my face but he was just playing around and we all started to joke and laugh and we had such a fun time. (We didn't do it if that's what you are thinking haha) but anyway...when we got to the corner we had to say our goodbyes and instead of a normal bye like the wave kind he gave me a hug, the kind where he was not just doing a friend hug but he was actually cradling me! It was magical. Then he said that he thought I was really cute and he took my cheek softly ran his hand down my cheek bone to my chin. After that some jerks from school came and ruined the moment...I saw him two weeks later and he had two girls that he was flirting with at the same time. So now I am back to dreaming and I wonder... will I always be someone in between girlfriends, or will I actually be the girlfriend one day.


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