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      I finally started it


I'm currently a senior in high school and I've been head over heels for this guy since I was in middle school. He's two years older than I am, we come from the same back ground, his younger sister is my best friend and I was constantly around his family. 

There are some things that you have to understand before I can continue with my story, his mom and dad have always hinted to me that I should be with their son since before I even developed a crush on him. My mom would be a little concerned with their teasing because she felt that they were serious but I would just shrug it off like it was no big deal. Back in those times I wasn't close with his sister yet and my liking for him wasn't very strong. 

About a year passed by and my friendship with his sister grew and soon we would hang out almost every weekend together and when I would go over to her house I would always hope to see him. Never would I talk to him when I went over. I was just way to shy to even start a conversation with him and felt that I wasn't good enough to talk to him. I would wonder if there was any possibility of us ever becoming a couple but he was just so handsome and such a goof ball that I believed there was no way he would choose to be with me when he could have any girl of his liking, yes he was that much of a charmer that he could have any girl he wanted.


Year after year would go by and I would still travel places with his family, his older brothers would tease me about being with him and then finally in my freshman year of high school I told his sister how I felt. I thought she would believe me to only hang out with her to see her brother and that she would say that I'm not pretty enough or something that would make me turn away from him, but she didn't. She told me that the more she thought about it the more she believed that he liked me too.


Still three years after telling her I never made any sort of contact with him or tried to get close to him or anything of the sort. I thought maybe he did like me and that he would pursue me-- never happened.


Then in January of 2008 a cousin/brother of mine past away at the age of 18, he was only a month older than me. After his funeral i felt so alone and empty. There was something missing that I just couldn't figure out and my friends brother would constantly be on my mind. A month later i finally gathered up the courage to ask his sister for his number. That same night I texted him and kept the phone in my pocket the rest of that night waiting for his reply. He never replied until 2 in the morning the next day. We ended up texting each other the rest of that night (mind you I had school the next morning and he was at work) and that day at school i was smiling from ear to ear. We continued to text each other for weeks to come until we finally saw one another at his family get togethers that I attended with his sister.


While we would be texting each other he would hint to me that he did have feelings for me and that he did like me but I just couldn't believe it. Now to shorten things up a bit because I've written a lot, we've been together ever since. This is a dream come true for me. I've never felt this way about any guy before and he is my first boyfriend. I understand that we've been together for not even 4 months yet but I believe that we were meant to be together. I'm glad I waited for him and as far as he and everybody else are concerned I am the one who finally made the first move and started talking to him. If you told me a year ago that I would be in a relationship with him I would never have believed it. But here we are together and I'm so in love.


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