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      Meant for each other


About some 12 yrs ago i was in high school and during one of our resumption day i met one of my set mate Paul at the  garage also resuming but we know we belong to the same set but we never talked he was from a very rich background,he was one of the big guys around  a big snob. He greeted me first i was  surprise that he could do that , he told me since i was going to school we should take the same cab which i agreed then we got to school and parted to our different hostel. we do see in school but now we were friends he calls me for break i was expecting advances from him but it never came we were just good friend,our mates thought something was going on between us but nothing.

After our graduation from high school everyone went their own way to seek for university admission, i gained admission to a university very close to my house so i was a day student and after a year of gaining admission into the university i was in my 2nd year and i was walking with my friends to a restaurant in faculty of science guess who i saw? it was Paul i couldn't believe my sight cos in the whole wild world i cant imagine Paul attending such school cos all the big boys and babes would never think of coming to my school people call the school dumping ground, he called out my name and i ran to him and we gave each other a big hug we exchanged pleasantries and we got each other departments and just as in high school he comes to see me in school but one thing about Paul ladies were all over him i cant blame them he was a good looking guy and also very rich who does not want good things i had to withdraw my self from him cos i felt i cant compete with the ladies that are always around him . one day he asked me out and i refused him because i felt i was not his type and that definitely he wanted to take advantage of me. i thought refusing him it was over but i was wrong he became persistent and i felt for him to be persistent then he actually want to take advantage of me and i refused to go out with him till i left school and felt yes am out of reach of this guy i went for my service year, and started work , so for about 7 years i heard nothing about Paul, i mean i completely forget who Paul was.

just one morning i was in my office and my phone rang this number is strange but i picked it hoping it was a customer but the person called my name and told me ' Susan you are a bad Friend  asked who is this he replied 'THIS IS PAUL' i said which Paul he said the only Paul then i recognise the voice and screamed he said just met me at 5 pm today cos am leaving the country tonight i asked him please how did you get my mobile number,i wanted to ask him so many questions but he only told me met me at 5 pm i will be waiting for you.

i couldn't work throughout the day i was waiting for 5pm so i can dash out of the office , and it finally came i rushed to the airport , getting to the airport i called his number and he told me to wait for him i saw him calling and i was full with so mixed emotions i was asking my self what has he done for me to forget him like that i could not figure it out i cant remember our discussion together but he reminded me everything i said to him when we were in school he still remembers every thing he told me he was going to London for vacation and i should thing of his proposal and give him the definite answer when he comes back and that he got my number from my best friend after years of searching i immediately called my friend and told me Paul had been on her neck for my details and that she thinks i should give him a trial since i was not even in any relationship and most of my relationship had even failed and she and Paul had talked to a reasonable length , so after a month he came back i agreed to date him and we started and after 3months we got married and now i have a baby boy that looks exactly like his dad am at home as a full housewife cos he works with an international oil company so most time he is not always at home so he prefers me to be a at home all time to see to  the home keep am happy and feel fulfilled.


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