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      My best Friend


Well, how can you go up to your best friend after 4 years and say that you like him? the answer: you can't. I have liked him since the first moment that I saw him. and now I thrive for those little moments when he holds my hand or when he put his arm around him just so he could get to my tickle spot. How do you tell your best friend that you are in love with him? To simply make matters worse... we have tried to go out before but we were to stupid to really do anything, so we decided that we would be better off as friends. and here I am, 4 years latter and still waiting for us to do something, i live for subs in class when we can just play truth o dare, my whole class thinks that we should be together so we are always dared to kiss each other (we're not the type to pass a dare...) and we would gladly do it... we are best friends and I have fallen for him... what should I do?


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