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      You Never See It Coming Cuz Your Blinded From The Start


   A person will never know who will they end up with at the end... That's my story.. Me and my friends went to a school carnival to visit our friend's shop who was in that school, after we visited it and finished we decided to go eat dinner, there was this only one restaurant which students made for their customers it was our only choice so we went... My friend saw that one of the workers there was her friend she called him and he came he started starring at me then i realized that he was my niece's cousin, i smiled at him and we started talking about my niece which is his cousin and my friends went to find a table. When we wanted to go home we couldn't find someone to drop us home, she called him and told him if he can drop us, he called his driver and told him to drop us home, he wanted to come with us but my other friend was too shy.


    In the car he called my friend and told her that he wanted my number or at least email, he said he never saw someone like me ( i don't really know what he meant ), i was in major shock, i didn't know what to say.


   The next day he added me on line and we started talking, then he told me if i knew that he had a crush on me, i said yes, but i had to lie at him and told him that i was dating someone, he blocked me and we never talked from then.


    After 6 months, i met someone through a friend, i forgot about my cousin's niece. i thought that guy was my prince charming, we fell in love, actually i fell in love, i was tricked by him, i never even felt it. Once we decided to go out, and there is when i lost my first kiss, i was saving my first kiss for a special moment with a special guy which i thought i had it, after 3 months i found out that he was using me because he stopped calling he only called if he needed something or wanted to go out, i felt so used... i didn't know how to end it... i was too weak..


    One day i was on facebook, and i saw that someone added me as a friend, it was my cousin's niece, i accepted him and we started sending facebook emails to each other, i gave him my new email that he didn't know about he he can add me...


    Days passed and we used to chat 24/7.. one day he told her that he would sleep in his grandfather's farm for a couple of days, and i got used to chat with him for a week i didn't know what to do, so when he went i decided so send him a message, from that time we started messaging each other for days, when he used to wake up the first thing he does is message me then we start messaging until the night. We both found out we had feelings for each other but we kept it in, i didn't know that he had feelings for me and he didn't know i that i had feelings for him, and the other guy that i thought he loved me never called only if he needed something or "misses me" which was a lie, then one day i called him and told him that i wanted to end it because of family problems, he didn't know that i loved someone else other than him, he was like ok he told me to take care and that was our last call.


       After two days me and my niece's cousin confessed our love and from that day we started dating, i really never felt this way to any guy i felt like a princess he treated me like an angel i was never treated like that my whole life, and when we had our first kiss together, i felt something i never felt before, i had goosebumps and butterflies and i felt like i could fly. When my ex found out about us, he stood by my side, he promised me we'll stay together forever and I'm positively sure he'll keep his word, i love him so much that words cant describe my love for him, having him in my life is like a dream come true. ill always love him ,always will=)



"You Never See It Coming Cuz Your Blinded From The Start" ..=)




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