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      Internet Love


To meet someone on the Internet, gosh what was I thinking? It was just supposed to be a friendship across the lines. Not that he lived a million miles away just 56 miles, that isn't far. It started as an answer to a personal ad, friendship, with the possibility of meeting in the distant future.

We wrote back and forth and even had each other on instant messenger; I would get up in the morning and hurry to log on to the computer just to see if he was on. Or to see if I had an e-mail from him. He asked me if I liked a rock group called "Credence Clearwater" well of course I did I grew up listening to them. He asked if I would like to see them in concert well I did but then I was concerned about meeting a guy by myself that I had never met before. But I said I would like to go if he could get the tickets.

On the night before we were to go to the concert, we decided to meet at a local restaurant not far from my house. I told him what I would be driving and he told me what he would be driving and left it at that. So I go to the restaurant expecting to have to wait on him, and be all nervous. I drive up and he is already there. He looks good, and is all smiles. We go in and talk for a long time and have something to eat. He asked if there was somewhere we could go and finish talking and the weather was so hot, that I was comfortable saying you can come to my house. I don't think he could believe his ears, But he followed me to my house and we sat and talked for hours. We talked about everything from how his wife had died, how the step kids were his kids and that he was raising them as such. I admired him and felt so at ease with him.

We went to the concert the next night and I didn't even think he was going to kiss me. He finally did give me a hug and kept his arm around me or held my hand all through the concert. Before I went home he gave me a kiss but it was so gentle so sweet that I wasn't sure if he was real. I had such a good time.

I was hoping we cold get together and see if the sparks that were flying were going to ignite.

And IGNITE they did, we have been together a little over a month and are together as often as we can be. The kids and he will be moving in soon, but not soon enough. I am hoping we will get married sometime in the future. I love him so much that I don't know how I ever did without him. He is my hope, my soulmate, and my one true love.



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