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      Shot at the heart


My boyfriend and i have known each other for nearly 5years. I met him when i was 11. I'm now 15 turning 16 soon. We started talking when i was 13. I had my first peck kiss with him one night at the movies. We talked later that night and how he had a good time. The catch is that he was known to be a player, i wanted to change him so bad so i kept my hopes up. We made-out for the first time when i was 14. On and off we talked and almost got together but it never happened. During the summer of when i was 14 i went to his house and met his mother, she really liked me. Me and him messed around but that's all. Then when i was 15 we got together for the first time. It was 1 month into the relationship...and he cheated on me. He had sex with another girl that i knew and was cool with. It was homecoming at school the next day after i found out. The night i found out i was very down. I called him upset asking him about it but he kept denying it. He kept telling me he was tired and that he would call me in the morning so i figured i would sleep on it also. The next morning he called me around 8 before his practice. I answered and he wanted to know what i wanted to do. I basically told him that i wanted to end it. We hung up and i thought i would never talk to him after that. He called me maybe 10 minutes later asking that he didn't wanna lose me and that we really should talk at homecoming, i agreed to it and hung up. Before i left for homecoming we were chatting on line and he was telling me how i'm the only girl he was proud to claim and how much he cares about me i told him i didn't know what to do and that i would talk to him later that night. At homecoming i was having a good time with my girls and after a while i got tired and sat down. I hadn't seen him that night yet. Then he sat next to me and asked if we could talk. I said yes and we walked outside. He kept apologizing and explaining how he was drunk and high when it happened. I told him then he needs to stop smoking and drinking if that's the case. He agreed and we got back together that night. We lasted for another month and he cheated on me AGAIN. This time he had asked another girl out while still being with me. I went crazy,crying and yelling and just didn't know where my life was going. By then i had realized that i had loved him. I broke up with him and he seemed careless this time. We didn't talk for a month and didn't see each other around, i felt that as a good thing because it would be easier to get over wasn't. I was really down and depressed the whole month. We finally talked through My space. He told me how he wasn't even happy with the girl and that he missed me and that i wasn't like other girls..i was something special to him. We talked for a month and got back together. We have been together for 4 months and things are GREAT, i have no paranoia of him cheating on me and we are ALWAYS together. To top it off i lost my virginity to him at only 15. We have even been talking about a future since he is going off to college =/ So it is true that you can change a man because i sure changed him.


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