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      Hotel Calling 2 am


Washington May 2008. OK so Alan didn't like me (heartache story Harmless Flirt go figure) but i think Beau does. Beau is cute and funny and he makes me happy.

  in washington d c we were in our hotel all done sight seeing for the day and the phone rings i pick up it is Beaus room. this is the same night as the dinner cruise in the heartache story by the way and Beau's on. he wants to talk to me!!!!!!!!!

 i am nervous and going out of my mind. i manage to say hi thats it. We talked on the phone for hours and hours my roomates and his started complaining that we were talking too long so we finally hung up but that time was magical. 

   i hope beau likes me or i will probably writting another heartache story and how many of those can a 13 year old girl write!?!?


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