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      Harmless flirt, Go figure!


I had liked Alan from September 2007, i went to extremes, i found out his number in the phone book and called him very often!

I knew his whole school schedule forwards and back. I really loved and cared for him.



 It was now May 2008 and we were going on our eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. My friend Stephanie was really close to him. But i wished she was not. See, when Steph is good friends with somebody she is a little flirty especially with Alan!




  I already knew he did not like me. But i really really hoped he did not like Stephanie. 




 On the second night in Washington it was the dinner cruise. The food was terrible and when on top it smelt like a poop deck really! It was a perfect night other than that, or so i thought.




 Stephanie, i felt, was dangling Alan in front of me. Alan and i were like two possitive magnets. you can not be too close because they repell each other and she knew it. When we would go up top he would run down, a few seconds later Steph would drag me down stairs and he would run right back up again.




 I could not bear it thank god to my best friend Christina and my other friends Ray, Ricky, Jake, Meg and Mary i did not cry, although i came pretty close to it. I am still friends with Alan and i try to be nice to Stephanie although it is hard because of what she did to me.




It is now the end of May and i like a kid named Beau now and guess what? i think he actually likes me. go figure!


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