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i am 13 years old,, am kind of outgoing girl! i used to had many friend boyfriends and stuff,, once i loved a guy i thought he's forever,, but he was a really bad guy! he smokes, drinks and stuff he was only 16! when i knew that i broke up as fast as i could,, after that i thought that my life is over and ill never love anyone again i've beeen so bad,, i stard cuting my self and stay sad all dayss for like three mounth,, while i was online from my email i had a add from a weird email,, i accept it! when she came online it was a girl,, she was asking me if i know that dudeee who was my EX,, i was like yes! and whie we were talking i asked her for how long they were together,, then i relezie that he was cheating on me!!!! =(.. i felt died,, i couldn't even smile,, i called him to ask him if that was true he never say YES! he started talking about her in a bad way,, but i didnt like it cause they were still together,, and i thought the he used to say about my exactly the same thing.


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