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      Don`t let the bad ones hurt


I was in love once, or at least I thought I was. While I was in this relationship I thought I was happy. I thought I had loved this person. Until he betrayed me once... then twice.... Then a third time! We were together for so long I would forgive him every time and move on... even though it hurt me deeply inside. My encouraging friends finally made me see that he was making me miserable. We broke up but still "saw" each other on and off, (occasional sex). I wasn't happy but he seemed to be.

I finally moved on after suicidal thoughts ran through my head. My mother and friends helped me through this terrible time. My first love and first person to take my virginity had ripped my heart out and beaten it down to nothing. I was stubborn and dark for a couple of years. I wouldn't let anyone into my life for fear of being hurt again. I wouldn't let myself love anyone. But then I met this guy... Right after my boyfriend stopped talking to me and slept with my friend (yeah, I pick the good ones,) a man, tall dark and handsome came to my rescue. He had tried to put the moves on me in a playful manner for some times but never won me over because I was with someone and I don't cheat. Finally, I started to spend time with him and day after day I let him warm my cold broken heart. Still cautious, I let him hold me and after three long weeks kiss me. He showed me how to love again. I realise that I didn't really love the man I was with 2 or 3 years ago. He was just a crush that grew stronger than intended.

I love Tom, this new guy. He showed me the power of love and how to love again. He too had been terribly hurt in the past and we shared our stories and talked openly with each other for hours on end. He is my saviour. I love him more than anything else. But now, we are 3 hours apart. But our love is so strong. We haven't been together for an incredibly long time, but long enough to know we will be together forever. Our love grows strong even though we are not able to see one another every day. Our love is in our hearts, minds, spirits, and souls.

Together we will let our love find its way. Its like a rose, the seasons tell it how it grows and as time goes on we love each other more and more. I miss him so much and cry happy tears at thoughts of not seeing him. But he is the one, my soul mate. I believe everyone has a soul mate and it's just a matter of time before you find yours... be strong... believe in yourself and don't let the bad ones hurt, everything, and I mean everything, happened for a reason, either good or bad. But in the end, it will all work out... I promise.... Thank you.


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