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we started out as textmates. well, actually he is the first one to text me. i dont know where he got my number.but as time goes by, we got really close to each other. we always text each other.

then one day, he asked me to be his girl. at first i said no because we havent meet each other in person. aside from that, he is also younger than me. im now turning 18 while he just turned 16. i am afraid to take the risk. but in the end, i said yes.

we had a lot of fights for he is such a jealous person. he doesnt want me to have male friends, or even textmates. i hate it for it makes me think that he doesnt trust me at all.

but even though he is like that, i didnt leave him. its because i really love him. we have just celebrated our aniversary as bf/gf. what i fell for him hasnt change a bit. i love him, and deep in my heart i know he loves me too.


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