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      The man i love


you can say i was a girl who never took love seriously because i never felt it to be thing i could never understand is what did he see in me that made him love me.we are just opposite from each the tomboy and he calm and quite.i still remember the day he frist tried to propose me.he came to me " i ...,i want to ....[ after 15 mins of struggle ] he finally says i want your english notes ".we were in high school.the whole school knew he loves me but me.i wish i could go back to that time.he finally managed to tell me that he loves through a chocolate bar on the wrapper he wrote " i love you very much, " and the moment i lift my eyes to see his reaction he is not to be seen anywhere.we carried on months after months ,years after years and even now that he is not with me my heart is still with him. after 12 years,due to unwanted circumstances he is married to another girl but my heart is still loves him...cant help goes on


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