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      My everything


 Me and my ex boyfriend started going out on august 12 2007 he was so perfect  he was loving and everything. he just seemed to have it all. yeah he did a lot of bad things before me but when we started going out i asked him to stop smoking and drinking and he did we meet because we were both in a girls cotillion we started talking and we chilled one day and i was about to leave and he was like i forgot to ask you out so do you want go out and i said yea i was so happy i live in Franklin park and he lives in may wood its not that far. we tried spending every moment we could together we were inseparable at the cotillion practices he was always with me . always holding me and cuddling with me. i loved that feeling that i got it was amazing. he took me to meet his parents. then my cousin had her cotillion and i presented him to my whole family. I'm talking aunts uncles cousins and everyone. he was the first boyfriend i ever brought home and to meet my family. i did it cause he was some one special and dear to me i though we were going to be together for a very long time. one night he took me to his cousin's cotillion and we got out of the party because it wasn't all that fun so  we left to his house. that's were it happened. i was a virgin when i meet him. and that night was when i gave him my everything. it was really special it was both of our first time all though we really didn't know what we were doing but it was still special. well pretty soon i don't know things just changed not noticeably but he got tired that we couldn't see each other as much as we wanted only when our parents wanted to take us to each others houses which wasn't that often. and then he told me he wanted time apart i got so sad so depressed i asked him what i did wrong that i would change that not to leave me. i explained to him over and over how much i loved him and that he couldn't do me like that. and then one cold night he came over and told me he couldn't do it no more he hated the fact that he couldn't be with me when he wanted to at five months and one week we broke up i literally begged him to come back and not do that to me but he just went on and on valentines i went to see him and again he broke my heart all over again it hurt me so much getting rejected so many times i tried every day i could to convince him to come back to me he would still tell me he loved me but how could he say that when all he did was hurt me. i didn't know what to do all i knew is i had to wait. he told me he would come back and all this other lies here i am 4 months later still not over him writing this story of a guy who i gave my everything to and still crying for him each night.                                Priscila and Dario always and forever our love is here to stay I LOVE YOU NENE AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE.                                                                                                             


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