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      We Keep Holding On


I met him at the age of 5 in our primary school class.

He was lovely, Funny charming despite us being children.

As we grew older his older sister and my two older brothers were friends and so we seen each other outside the odd time. We got on very well.

As Secondary school set in, We became closer. We were 11 and had never had a relationship. From then on i had Little boyfriends, Nothing serious just the typical " your my boyfriend" Scenario. At the age of 14 something clicked.

We hung about outside of school and had a really good time together. We had the same friends and we all had a laugh.

One day he told me he was Leaving the country, possibly forever as his mother had become redundant and they found a bar for sale in Turkey and they would have very good Wages and Work there. 4 days before he left he asked me to be his girlfriend ( Bear in mind he had never had a Girlfriend before) And naturally i said yes and For the next four days we had the most wonderful time together.

Then the dreaded night came that he had to leave. We were both a wreck.

He said " i love you." It may seem meaning less as we were only 14, But it showed me how much he genuinely cared as i felt the same.

He left. And i was Heart broken.

Although we were still together, it was unbearable.

I ended up attempting suicide, being hospitalized because the only person i have felt this was for had left and i didn't know wither he was ever going to come back or not.

Then roughly a month later, My two best friends took me to a park, Blindfolded me and asked me questions about love. I answered them nervously not knowing what to expect, Only to find the love of my life standing in frount of me as his mother flew him back because he was so restless.

We broke up about 2 months later, And it wasn't an easy break up.

For the past 2 years ( I'm 16 now) we've been on and off. He's not had another girlfriend but I've had a few boyfriends.

I admit after two years, I'm still madly in love with him so it wasn't just a childish phase., There was and is generally something there. And its obvious he feels it too.

He tells me he still cares, and when I'm down he will run to my rescue.

He once did have something with some girl but only for a month as he told me the real reason was that he could never find someone who could mean as much as i do to him.

Now were almost going back out and this time we've both agreed we wont let each other go :)



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