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      Is it really Love?


There were those days when i think about how we met, and how all this started. Then there are days when all i wonder why a guy like him would want to be with a girl like me? I have thought of those moments when we were really close, like he was my best friend. I would tell him everything about me, how i felt, what was bothering me, and he would understand me so well. I thought we would be close like that forever. Unfortunately, thing's change and so do people. 


I was crushed to find out he didn't actually love me. I wasn't ready for such a sharp turn in life, when he told me he thought we were too young for such a thing called "love". I love him truly till this day and I don't think i would forget the times we spent together. Laughing, cracking up jokes, that was when i felt the most happy in my whole entire life. 


We stopped talking for about 5 months because that was when he broke it off. When i found out he found another girlfriend, I was shocked... he told me "isn't three months enough time to move on?" Like what kind of question is that? Three months is nothing, three months was the time we spent together. But I guess those three months meant nothing to him. It's sad to know how small someones heart is. Even though he has hurt me so much I still love him with all my heart, and i obviously care about him.


A couple of weeks ago, he decided he should talk to me. I didn't need him because I was trying to forget about him, which i found impossible to do. It's hard moving on, especially if you keep in touch with someone you have loved and still love so dearly. I told him that he has made me go through soo much during these past 5 months, and all he said was sorry. Sorry does not do anything!


I gave him my heart, he took it with his warm, gentle hands and then it fell to the ground and shattered into tiny little pieces. I told him not to pick the pieces of a broken heart with teary eyes... he looked up tears trickling on his cheeks.... picked all the pieces and held it close to his heart... I don't know what to do now.... either let him have me and give him another chance, and hope he doesn't break my heart again... or to break his heart and walk away just like he did... </3




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