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      Unconditional love


you know, people I know in my RE class found it weird that I only remembered one of the four kinds of love - Agape. Mostly because I've been feeling it for months.

Agape, or unconditional love - that of loving and not receiving the love in return.

I've loved her since I met her four years ago. We got on so well, and finally we got together. Sixth months later she leaves me because I was "jealous of her friendship" with my friend - he was all over her, and just because she was seeing me.

So, she fell for him. I never understood how she could fall for a complete tw*t like him, being a user and a liar.

months on and we're still good friends - I love her still, though. I undertook a kind of crusade to get rid of her feelings for my friend - not because I was jealous, because I didn't want her to be used.

five months later, I was successful... I felt that we could start rebuilding our friendship to something more, as she started to notice me a lot again, until I realised she now fell for one of my other friends.

I was distraught. I told her how I'd felt this whole time, that I loved her and she was the most amazing girl I'd ever met. But I felt like I'd been fighting a war I couldn't win for months... my reserves depleted... my emotional willpower, gone. I just wanted to end my suffering.

you'd expect a girl to be flattered after hearing this. But she finds me somehow repulsive now, and avoids me. Mine and her friends have been backstabbing eachother over the whole affair - all to put me off my ex!

I don't know why she all of a sudden has this hatred for me. Had I ruined the peacefulness she had while I suffered in silence? I don't know and probably never will.

We connected so well when we went out, and practically loved eachother. Through fault of my own she left, and all I want is her, back in my arms.

Right now, that's an impossibility.


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