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Hi my name's Emma and I'm a 16 year old girl. A few months before my 16th birthday I met this guy who was 18 and we started dating. I was so naive that I didn't see him for what he really was. He changed me without me even realizing. I really liked him and I lost my virginity to him. He dumped me on the same day. How naive I was. My parents and my friends could see it yet I didn't listen. I was so stupid.

I am Chinese and recently met another guy of the same race and he treats me like I'm made of gold! we have so much in common. I love him and he loves me. My parents adore him too. He is very clever and has a great personality. I know most people say that 16 is way too young to decide your future but I think I have found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

He's off to uni next year and I guess that will be the test of our love. I never want to be without this guy but I guess only time will tell.


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