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      Lost and found


When our marriage was going through a rocky patch my husband and I decided to have a holiday to try and resolve our differences, the children went to his parents and we went away. When we got back after a fairly unhappy trip we found that our house had been broken into and our things either broken or taken. The police took our details but didn't hold much hope, one policeman - Mark was really helpful.

Our marriage was all but over, my husband left and with the tension in the house the children started to play up. My eldest daughter was staying out late and bunking off school. One day I had a phone call from the police station, she had been caught shoplifting, I had to go and collect her. I felt really embarrassed that she had done this and the person that arrested her was Mark! luckily she was let off with a caution.

Time passed and money was really tight, then came the bombshell, their father was with someone else, his visits became less frequent, the children were upset and the strain was showing, my father had a mild stroke and I felt so alone, I had no support of my own, my mother went to pieces and needed my support. Fortunately the stroke wasn't too severe and he fully recovered with just his speech affected.

One day I was out buying school clothes when I bumped into Mark, he was with his son doing the same thing, he asked after my daughter and again I felt my cheeks redden although he was genuinely nice. Weeks went by and a friend who was nagging me to go out with her instead of sitting in night after night finally wore me down. We went to a local pub and I felt about 50 surrounded by young people and totally out of place.

I heard somebody say "hello" behind me. I turned around and there stood Mark, we started talking and I found he was also divorced, he asked if I wanted to go out sometime, I laughed and said, "we are out". We arranged to meet the following Wednesday night. That was three years ago and I have seen mark every Wednesday since, in fact, everyday since because we are now married and have a 12 month old son of our own, James.


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