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      Love over Lust


                 It was Tuesday, the sky was clear and the breeze made it feel like Hawaii. As I walked out of my dorm, still in my pajamas, my friend-Zack, running at top speed- slammed into me. I didn't do anything except get up and get dressed. I was still wobbly from the crash, but I was well enough to class.

                Ah Prep school, the safest and more prestigious learning experience. I was still an 8th grader, but being away from mom made everything easier for me. Besides, I'm too busy looking at all these high school boys to think about family. All of them were hot, but one caught my attention, his name was Trevor. Trevor was a senior and, well, already had a girlfriend. Oh well, nothings fair in the game of love.

                When I walked outside, I started seeing flashing lights and everything was blurry! My eyes felt weak and I couldn't stop trembling, I'm terrified! Then, fell unconscious. When I awoke the first thing I saw was Trevor, napping at my bedside! I nearly fainted.Then he awoke and gave a smirk, reached behind himself, and pulled out a dazzling red rose! He spoke, "You had a severe migrain problem back there, you should be more careful."  That's when I did faint. When I awoke the second time, he was talking to his girlfriend, Eclair, man, she's a... well, you know. Trevor was assuring her that nothing was going on between me and him. 

                As I got out of the infirmary, I noticed Eclair was outside looking at the sky. I went beside her, it looked wierd, usually Juniors hate 8th graders, and well, yeah. "Kasandra, would you like some advice?" I didnt know what to say so I went with "sure." She started giggling, and that giggle, turned into a devilish grinn. "Stay away from Trevor or else!" "Or else what?" "Or else this!" *Smack* I really shouldv'e expected that. One slap, with  a ten ton purse full of cheap ass make-up.

                  It was basically the end of the school day,  all that's left was gym, sadly I was the only 8th grader in the whole damn 12th grade gym period. We were learning how to improve our dancing skills ands capabilities. And of course, we were partnered up. Thats when trouble began

                "Hmm, I guess your dancing with Kasandra due to default reasons, if that's alright with you, Trevor?" He answered with an immediant Yes! We were slow dancing, and Eclair just happened to be across, glaring at me. This was the time for pay back, I puckered up and-...Damn, he's good. Unfortuanetly Trevor already got to my lips before I to his. As I stared back at Eclair, still making out with Trevor, I noticed her. 3, 2, 1, and Crack! She wailed, she cried she trembled on the floor and screeched her little blonde head off! It felt so lustrious and good, yet, my conscence got the best of me. I slapped Trevor, then went to help Eclair off the floor. The gym teacher excused us and I walked her back to her dorm. "Why'd you *sniff* help me b-back their?" Why did I help her?

                 I couldn't think of an answer so I didnt respond. Trevor came by my dorm around eleven thrity at night. "What do you want?" "You know what I want Kasandra, you knew what I wanted this whole day." He clutched my wrist and pushed me against the wall with his body. "What are you doing! Stop!" He did, "Kasandra, do you love me?" I did, but now..."I, I don't know anymore." He let go, stared at me with a doubtful, yet curious expression. He backed off, and left.

                I ran after him and embraced him from behind. I started to cry and fell on my knees. He turned around, helped me up, and help my head against his chest. I couldn't stop crying. But I eventually fell asleep in Trevors arms. 

               I awoke the next morning to find Trevor in his boxers, on my didn't feel like I had sex, but it made me wonder. "Trevor,Trevor...Wake up!" "hm?" "Did know?" "Nope, it just got hot in here so I stripped down to my boxers, why does it turn you on?" "Keep dreaming." And so he did.


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