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i met this guy from my cousins common friend

we were so into exchanging sms and emails 

after how many months we've been good friends

and good enemies at the same time...LOL...

good enemies because sometimes we have

different point of views about a certain topic...

and one day that end up to a cold war for almost

a year or so...but fate maybe brought us together...

when friendster became so popular we signed up for an account

and he send me flowers on line...i was uncertain of who sent

those flowers on my account then i found out

that it's him...i hardly recognize him because of the long hair

after that the next thing we know was that we were exchanging emails

already...we were back on how we used to be...GOOD FRIENDS...

but the real story started on my cousin's 21st's where in she throw

up a "so-so" party at a resto bar and we all have a happy hour

and drinking booze and just having fun fun...after the long

party everybody went home and it's just us (me,my cousins and him)

who were left in the bar...sipping soup and waiting for each other to be sober...after a while he talked to me in private about something then i

just told him i love him...i know that was such a dumb move thinking i was

a girl...LOL...but i wasn't embarrassed though because he felt the same

way as i what happened we end up a two year relationship and lately the relationship was so shaky so we end up having a cool off but

as for me i call it an END to our relationship...i know we should give it a try

this time but to tell you we've been on and off just to give space to each other but it's still not working and right now we have to wait for like 2years to wrap things up but i don't believe in COOL OFF...when you're on that stage it feels like being single again and being alone again...i won't make promises that I'll gonna  come back to him after two years...i know it's not going to be easy for us but ...this is going to be REAL break up now..I'm bleeding inside...this really hurts but we need to let's not helping us both...




++blurry fascination++


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