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      Beautiful life


i used to go to a park which is nearby to our home every Friday. there i see a boy. he goes with his little sister and lets her play in the park

hes very cute.he has blue eyes,fair and have  a black hair which is not too long.he wears big t-shirts.hes hip-hop.and wears a cap. he has a sweet voice.

i look at him very he also does.

one day his little sister fell down and when i saw that i quickly ran to her and took her up as he came near.he smiled to me.then i walked i was walking back i looked at him,he was starring at me. and when he saw me looking at him he also walked back and wrinkled with a smile so i also did the same.

another day while i was sitting on a bench inside the park he came and sat near me. and when i looked at him he asked my name.and then i told him my name `n' asked his name.he said his name and gave his e-mail add and also gave his phone number.

for about a week we used to chat, message and make phone night he told to meet me in-front of his house.he told me to go for a walk with him. and so i went. we talked about our pasts and about our likes and dislikes too. we both fell in love and after 2 weeks he asked me to be his girlfriend and i agreed. we used to meet a lot. make fun.

and now i joined the dance class which he is in.its hip-hop dance.and we both danced to gether.

and also there dances his ex girlfriend.she used to look at us very much but we didn`t care about it much.

our first kiss was unforgettable.anyone can`t just imagine how perfect it was.i used to say him that he was the best kisser i have ever found.and he used to say me that i was the most sexy girl he have ever seen.


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