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      True love


i am a 15 years old girl. i have  a boyfriend. he came to my house very often to meet my brother. first we don`t used to talk to each other but one night as he talked to me i also did.

first we were great friends,shared a lot.but after a couple of weeks we fell in love.

and the next month we get together.after some weeks i knew that he has some other girlfriends other than me.he went dating with them a lot but not with me

most of the time when i call him he will make his phone busy. or he don`t take the phone.and one night he kissed with his girlfriend in-front of me.

but with all those pain also i am with him up to today also. thinking that someday he will be back with his heart opened only for me.

i will never ever give up in love since i have the pleasure to be with be with the person whom i love most.


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