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      You were the One I fell in Love With


Right now I am a 10th grader and I had a crush on this one guy that I later fell in love with. I never had a boyfriend before so this whole feeling was new to me. I was not planning to find a boyfriend but I fell for a guy name Leon. I met him during my freshman year. He was the first person that welcome me to the school and dorm. He was nice and really a sweet Junior guy. I was shy but he talked to me a lot and helped me understand things that were strange. I saw him a lot and he made me laugh and smile so much that my face was brightened everyday. One day he gave me a hug and I felt warm in his arms and the words he said were magic "I love you". This reaction hit my heart big time and I felt the feeling of love and caring, but I tried to hold it in, lying to myself that it was nothing. Soon, I asked him to meet me during lunch one day. He came and I felt nervous and sweaty that I couldn't breath. "Leon, I got to tell you something." 

He listened to my story of how I felt about him and he looked at me with the sadness eyes I have ever seen. " I like you too, but not the way you think. I love you as a friend nothing more... And right now I am in a relationship."  I began to cry and started to say that I was sorry that I told my stupid feeling I had for him. He tried to comfort me and there I wiped my tears and dug in my bag "Leon (sigh) I have written you some poems. I was hoping to give it to you and tell you one more thing that I fell in love with you....and that I love you a lot..."  The bell rang, I told him that he could go now because I was going to be OK. He left me (unsure to leave me by myself) taking the poems with him. Promising to read them. I stood there telling myself that I was a stupid girl and I was a fool to lose a friend (my only friend). I tried to talk to him but he told me to lone him alone forever. So to this day I see him a far trying to catch his eye but when he looks at me he is sad. I don't want to make him sad so I sit alone in the back of the library listening to my ipod that has a lot of blues on it. I cry daily and keep to myself away from people. Insanely, I still love him and can't stop thinking about him. 


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