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      All I do is cry


I am a 23 year old young lady who is 8 weeks pregnant, I have tried all my life to do the right things to please both family and friends, but now I have let all of them down. My father is a pastor of a Baptist church and my mother is a spiritual leader. I am unmarried and I just feel like I am under so much pressure, both at home and at work.

My parents want me to stay home in order for them to control my life, they want me to have nothing to do with the father of the child I am carrying, not even to be a support. Its very tough for me, I feel so lonely and depressed when I go home. At work its the same thing. I was called to a meeting with my 'Bosses' to discuss my personal affairs, I felt so humiliated because I never thought that my personal life had anything to do with my job, I don't want to work anymore, I wish I could just go in a corner and be away from everyone. I understand that I have hurt my family but I have a child to think of now and all I do is cry.


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