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      The love I felt


how i wish we met first before "her".,. coz seeing you happy by her side hurts me.,.seeing you smile for her.,. seeing your contentment with her.,.makes me wanna die.,. but what can i do.,. when you are already hers.,. i can no longer have you even in my dreams because the more i keep on thinking about you the more painful it is for me.,. How i wish you were mine right from the beginning.,. if only you know how miserable my life is right now.,.  How i wish.,.if i could ever wish that is me who is with you right now.,. it is my hands that you keep on holding.,. it is my smell that you keep on breathing.,.it is my touch that you keep on thinking.,. it is my kiss that you keep on dreaming.,. it is my whisper that you keep on hearing.,.that it is my embrace that you keep on wanting.,. it is my laughter that keeps you living.,. that it is my jokes that keeps you lauging.,., ooohhh... how i wish you were mine.,. life wouldn't be this miserable.,.

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