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      I'm sorry


It wasn't my fault... He was everything I needed and wanted. I guess I lost myself. See this guy named Josh Tucker is so amazing to me, problem is he goes out with one of my best friends,Emily Johnson.  Well before he and emily started going out he told me he liked me, and i was stupid enough to believe him. I'm not very good with guys.I get heart broken easily. Well even though i know he goes out with emily, i meet him every friday at the blue monkey. I tell every1 we r just friends but i think they dont think they think so. Well last weekend i met him there he asked 4 a piece of gum and i'm dumb enough to give him some. Not from the pack but from my lips. I'm sorry to emily. I realize that he was never worth it cuz if he really liked me like he said, he would b with me. Break though. I need to have help on love, i'm still young. Heart break is so hard and please help me l know i need to learn from my mistakes on my own, but how can i when my mistakes seem so rite? Help me please.  I'm so broken in2 pieces i need some1's help.  If u think u can give me some advice my email is o please don't think horribly of me we all r horrible lover messer uppers or somin like that


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